We offer wholesale and retail sales of plastics and comprehensive services related to their processing and installation.

Tworzywa plexi, pwc, polipropylen, poliwęglan oferta Warszawa Wawer
  • Plexiglas cast and extruded sheets
  • Foamed and rigid PVC
  • PC Solid polycarbonate
  • Cellular polycarbonate
  • Advertising composite Dibond
  • Polyester PET sheets
  • HPL boards and laminates
  • HIPS sheets
  • Hard foils
  • PP hollow-core sheets
  • Sandwich panels
  • Services

    Comprehensive plastic processing services and the preparation and printing of advertising materials.

    Usługi Plexi Land. Cięcie laserem, klejenie tworzyw, frezowanie, gięcie tworzyw

    Custom solutions

    In addition to our portfolio of standard products, we design, manufacture and deliver customized solutions.

    Rozwiązania indywidualne

    1 Initial design

    We collect information about the product and the form of presentation. Based on this, the first sketches and outline of the product are created.

    2 Design

    We create technical designs, visualizations and production files with selected colors.

    3 Prototype

    We prototype the approved design. We conclude that before serial production, it is extremely important to carry out on-site testing.

    4 Production

    After testing, we proceed to production. Minimizing production time and quality standards are of paramount importance to us at this stage.

    5 Packaging

    Based on the arrangements with the customer and our experience, we design the necessary packaging to protect the finished products from damage in transit.

    6 Logistics

    Thanks to our cooperation with reliable transport and courier companies, we can deliver our products anywhere in Europe.

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