UV printing

UV printing is currently the most modern solution in the field of large format digital printing on all kinds of flat materials, including printing on PVC.
Printing is performed directly on a rigid material using curable inks hardened on the surface using UV lamps. This eliminates all kinds of jobs associated with gluing prints.
White ink allows for making selective under-print on a surface of any color. Using white ink, we can print on transparent media.
UV printing allows for achieving near-photographic quality.
UV printing enables making direct closely adhering prints on any surface. Prints can be used indoors. At the same time, they are resistant to water, moisture, sun and can be used outdoors. Prints on PVC and other surfaces do not require drying and can be processed directly after printing – cut and packed.
UV printing is used mainly in advertising and decorating. It is an alternative for screen printing and covering surfaces with a printed film. Below there are examples of surfaces and applications.

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